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David Christian

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Denver and the Czech Republic [Jul. 28th, 2011|12:13 pm]
David Christian
Hello all,
I'm so very sorry it's been a while but I've been a bit busy.

First I'd like to direct you all to CrunchPod's new compilation benefit the Animal Defense League. There is an unreleased CE remix on there as well as a ton of incredible awesome artists.

Also if you have not seen this already, there is a new video up which has footage filmed from the show at Slimelight a year ago!

Upcoming shows will include Vendetta Records new festival!

Check out the lineup.

Also we have one more gig coming up in Europe!

All of these performances will feature new material currently being composed for the new album due out sometime this winter or so.

I hope this keeps all of you up to date.

Until next time