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David Christian

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progress on the new album... [Feb. 9th, 2011|02:42 am]
David Christian
5 tracks in progress several other ideas are in the works
I'm finally in a comfort zone. I have the right gear/software. I'm in a comfortable environment. There's no real pressure.

I've learned a lot from my writing in the past. I am writing and re-writing. Remixing. I'm not declaring anything finished unless I'm absolutely happy with it. Something that the last album lacked was more attention to detail.

"Process" was a tense recording. When I first moved here I don't think I was in a great state of mind. I was definately happier but very impatient and I think that was reflected in the music. I've learned to be more patient since then.

That is not to say that this new music is not aggressive. On the contrary. It is the most aggressive music I have ever composed. Just when things have been pushed to the limits I am going further. In my earlier attempts and composition I had this depth which I since abandoned since the last release. Performing live has had a big influence on how I write. I am exploring more sounds, layers, sonic textures.

I have been influenced by a lot of Hard Techno and minimal Tech House lately. Until these songs are finished I won't know how much influence it's had or if I'm even close to being classified under those genres.

Things are definately interesting in the recording process. I'm recording loops from a lot more of my "live" hardware(drum machines/synths) to mix in Ableton. I'm also layering some electric bass(direct input/and mic'd amp recording) as well as nasty feedback.

The soundcloud app on my phone has been an amazing tool! As soon as I hear something interesting I can record it and upload it to my soundcloud account. The other day I hard an awesome door creek sound that could make up a nasty noisy pad. While on yesterday's visit to the dentist, I left my phone on record and luckily caught some drilling which I can hopefully use. It was recorded kinda low since the phone was a little far from the drill.